mutomajor is a multimedia audio-visual duo formed by Samm Anga and Veronica Petukhov. Based in Scotland 





Samm Anga


A graduate from the London College of Communication MA Sound Arts program, Samm Anga’s work equips a sonic flirtation with mythology and storytelling, re-contextualising themes of identity and the Self within audiovisual displays. Based in Aberdeen, he has been expanding his musical background and honing his specialism in all things sound-related over the last few years. As a student, he co-founded Re-Analogue, a collective that curated and produced a wide range of events, including film festivals and performance nights, culminating in a multidisciplinary arts festival, SUB.LIMINAL, that he individually conceptualised and directed. Scoring work for short films and BBC New Creatives, he seamlessly infuses the sonic into multimedia.


Veronica Petukhov

Veronica Petukhov is a digital artist and VJ, a BA (Hons) Contemporary Art Practice graduate from Gray’s School of Art, Aberdeen. After moving to Scotland from Italy, Veronica has been constructing live visuals for electronic music events over the last few years; she organises Aberdeen club night MONAMI, as well as performing with artists and DJs, such as IDA. She uses different programs (TouchDesigner, Resolume, Blender, Spark AR, and even Audacity) to create immersive corrupted visuals and surreal renditions of cyberspace, working with electronic musicians and independent producers on music videos in her signature style



Our Duo

As a collective, our digital artwork is highly influenced by the “ready-made” culture the Dadists brought into the art world, digitalising and modernising techniques by using online found- footage. Giving life to “dead” material reinvigorates them with purpose, breathing interest into videos that would otherwise have been forgotten in cyberspace.



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